What is Nitrox??

The facts...

What is Nitrox?
Nitrox is any combination of Nitrogen and Oxygen. You have been breathing Nitrox since the day you were born!

The air that we breath is comprised of approximately 21% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen. Nitrox mixtures with percentages of Oxygen greater than 21% are called Enriched Air Nirtox (EANx). There are two common standard EANx mixtures, EAN 32 (32% Oxygen / 68% Nitrogen) EAN 36 (36% Oxygen and 64% Nitrogen).

Who uses EANx?
EANx was used as early as 1912, and has been used extensively for over 30 years by commercial organisations and the military. It has also been used in the medical field as a therapy gas.

Advanced level divers have been taking advantage of EANx for Cave diving, Wreck diving, marine harvest, marine research, and many other applications.

More recently, EANx has been recognised by national and international SCUBA diving certification agencies as an alternate breathing gas for recreational diving.

Isn't it for deep diving?
Unfortunately, misinformation abounds concerning the use and application of EANx. EANx is not used for deep diving, however it has a place as a decompression gas from deep air/trimix/heliox dives. It is actually ideal for depths between 10 and 50 metres.

What about Oxygen toxicity?
As a certified air diver, you were taught how to monitor your Nitrogen intake by using a set of dive tables. The deeper the depth, the shorter the amount of allowable no-decompression bottom time available due to Nitrogen loading.

The same principle applies to Oxygen at greater depths. The greater the depth, the shorter the bottom time.

Oxygen toxicity (on air or nitrox) usually comes into play deeper than at standard recreational depths. EANx dive tables provide a reliable, safe, and easy way to dive between 10 and 50m, while taking advantage of the EANx benefits.

What are the benefits of EANx?
EANx diving has many advantages over air diving. Some of the benefits are:

I keep reading/hearing that Nitrox (EANx) is dangerous - is this true?
Unfortunately, the opponents of EANx usually lack the certification, experience and complete understanding/knowledge therein to adequately write and report on EANx recreational use. Accidents have not occurred with EANx among properly trained EANx divers.

Concerning treatment of decompression sickness and EANx use: All competent chamber facilities will treat air and EANx DCS. If a chamber facility and/or operator cannot, be wary, as they are not competently educated in recompression therapy.

Are there special equipment requirements for EANx?
Your standard SCUBA gear can be used with EANx with percentages of Oxygen up to 40%. All EANx cylinders and other SCUBA exposed to more than 40% Oxygen must be professionally cleaned. Cylinders for EANx use are colour coded and dedicated. All cylinders used for Partial Pressure blending must be both oxygen clean and equipped with compatible components. See your local Dive Centre for information.

Where can I get EANx?
EANx is available at many different locations throughout Ireland, the U.S., Europe, Aisa, Canada, the Caribbean and Austrailaisa.

Do I have to be certified to use EANx?
YES! Instructors and Dive Centres offer many certification courses with Enriched Air Diver to start your certification. You can continue on with Advanced EANx Diver, Technical EANx Diver, EANx Overhead Environment Diver, Deep Air Diver, Advanced Deep Air Diver, Trimix Diver, Rebreather Diver and many more!

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