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Some diving and some not-so-diving related quotes! If you know any more good ones, send us a mail.

Plan the dive and dive the plan
(Alternate version) Plan the dive, dive the wreck and wreck the plan...
Or another version: Dive Plan = Jump in, swim around a bit and then come up!
If anything can go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible time (A.K.A. Murphy's Law)
A mistake on your part does not mean an emergency on my part!
Anyone can call any dive at any time for any reason, without having to give a reason
When the Captains on the bridge, the Captains on the bridge
Just because you are trained to be able to go to a depth, doesn't mean you have to go there
Fortune favors those who dare
A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...BUT a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn...that was fun!"
You don't really know who you are, until all HELL breaks loose!

On diving the Empress of Ireland, Kevin McMurray said, its like "finding your way through an unfamiliar sixty-story building lying on its side at a forty-five-degree angle, in pitch blackness, with only a flashlight."

The six (seven) P's: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents (Piss) Poor Performance!
Remember the "K.I.S.S." principle, which stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid"
Failure is a result, not a cause
"Going to the Ocean and not diving, is like going to the Circus and not looking inside the big top..."
"We can see what's on the dark side of the moon or what's on Mars,
but you can't see what's in the back of a cave unless you go there..." - Sheck Exley
Q: How can you tell who the Instructor is in a crowded bar? A: You don't have to - they'll tell you!
Experience is something you get just AFTER you need it!
Work to live, live to dive!
Eat my silt! (thanks Chris...)
If it ain't broke, fix it till it is!
My wife found my rubber suit...ever since then I've been a diver!
"Fear is the thief of dreams"
You've heard of DIR, well how about ARSE diving (Always Right Set-up for the Enviroment)!
"70% of the world's wrecks above 30m have already been dived..."
"He who is silent is understood to consent..." (legal turn of phrase)
Dont look for differences, look for similarities
If you don't need it - don't bring it, if you do - bring two
The only person that can tell you that you can't do something is yourself, and you don't have to listen
"Someday" means never - Chinese proverb
Necessity is the mother of invention
Assumption is the mother of all f**k ups!
Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no-one's watching
Dance like it hurts, love like you need money, work when people are watching...
"When I die, please don't let my wife sell my scuba equipment for what I told her I paid for it." - Anonymous
I take my wife everywhere - but she keeps on coming back...
Divers famous last words, "Race you to the surface" (Thanks Roger!)
"If you never have a plan, then nothing can go wrong!" - Spike Milligan
Before you attempt to beat the odds, be sure you could survive the odds beating you.
"...the last time someone was as wrong as you, was when a politician stepped off an aeroplane in 1939 waving a piece of paper in the air saying there will be no war with Germany!" - Jeremy Clarkson
For those who understand, no explaination is necessary, for those that don't, none is possible...
Living on the edge may be dangerous, but it has a great view!
Love your enemies, because your friends may turn out to be spoilt little rich kids...
Comprehension is not a requisite of co-operation
Not everyone believes what I believe, but my beliefs do not require them to (Matrix Reloaded)
No-one can see beyond a choice they can't understand

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